Westwood Health offers chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, and acupuncture.


How We Can help

Since 2007, Westwood Health is a multidisciplinary clinic that has been helping people feel and move better. 

Our Services

  • Chiropractic and Physiotherapy - Chiropractors and physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat nerve, joint, muscle and ligament complaints all over the body. They use a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization and adjustments and exercise therapy. They get you stronger and better.

  • Registered Massage Therapy - Massage therapists use a variety of soft tissue techniques to treat muscle aches and pains all over the body.

  • Acupuncture - Using fine needles acupuncture is used to treat muscle and joint complaints all over the body.

  • Cupping - Special cups placed on the skin create negative pressure and lift skin. It can loosen sore muscles, increase blood flow and may reduce pain. It does leave marks on the skin like a bruise that last for a few days.

  • Custom Orthotics - Custom shoe inserts help manage foot and heel pain, and arthritis of the foot and toes.

  • Prescription Compression Stockings - Custom measured, medical grade compression stockings are used to manage varicose veins, swelling and pain in the legs and ankles.

  • WSIB and Motor Vehicle Claims - we are registered providers for both WSIB and motor vehicle insurance claims. We handle the extensive paperwork following a workplace or motor vehicle accident.

  • Concussion Management - A thorough assessment and progressive rehabilitation allows people with post-concussion symptoms to return work, school and sport. We offer ImPACT testing. We are a Shift Concussion Management provider.

  • Vestibular Rehab - Vestibular rehab is the careful assessment and treatment of positional vertigo, dizziness following damage to the vestibular nerve in the inner ear and dizziness following concussion. Exercise based treatment allows people to return to normal function after debilitating dizziness.

  • TMJ Dysfunction Treatment - We work closely with dentists and orthodontists to help restore normal jaw movement and treat jaw clicking and pain.

  • Post Surgical / Post Fracture Rehab - Treatment and exercise therapy are geared to restoring movement and strength following surgery or getting out of a cast. Wrist fractures, hip and knee joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs and spine surgery all need graduated, personalized treatment and exercise plans. We can help both before surgery and after.

  • The Rapid Access Back Program - Our clinic is part of an OHIP covered program where family doctors and nurse practitioners refer patients to be triaged for spine surgeons. Dr. Tracy Kish has been part of this program since its inception in 2012. Formerly called the ISAEC Program. For more information see isaec.org.

We offer personalized, hands on clinical care with skilled clinicians. You will never be treated by a therapy assistant. All of our practitioners stay up to date on the latest research and continue to increase their skills and knowledge by taking continuing education courses. Our friendly front desk staff can help with direct billing to your insurance company. We pride ourselves in providing excellent clinical and customer service. 


Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractic Initial Assessment and Treatment - $100

  • Chiropractic Follow Up Treatment - 15 mins $50

  • Extended Follow Up Treatment - 30 mins $90 ("Book me a double" for when you just need more work)

  • Reassessment or New Injury - within 12 months of last visit $50 - if greater than 12 months $75

  • Vestibular Assessment - please let reception know if you are booking for dizziness - 45 mins, if new patient $135

  • Concussion Assessment - please let reception know if you are booking for concussion - 120 mins including paperwork $135

  • Motor Vehicle Collision Assessment - please let reception know if you are booking following an MVC - $90

Registered Massage Therapy

  • 30 Minutes - $60

  • 45 Minutes - $75

  • 60 Minutes - $98

  • 90 Minutes - $145